Cultural Resource Management

Kautz Environmental Consultants, Inc. (KEC) is active throughout the western states including Nevada, California, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. Our professional staff possesses extensive experience working within the following cultural resource management subjects:


  • Prehistoric and historic archaeology
  • Survey
  • Testing
  • Mitigation
  • National Register and/or CEQA significance evaluation
  • Historic documentation
  • Archival research
  • Management of cultural properties
  • Resource damage and restoration assessment
  • Architectural description and evaluation
  • Monitoring, formal documentation
  • Planning and implementation of museum collection systems
  • Formal nomination and documentation of historically significant sites, buildings, districts, landscapes, and landmarks
  • Public outreach and interpretive works including historic markers, brochures, and videography



Employment Opportunities


Reno Location:

1140 Financial Blvd., Suite 100

Reno, Nevada 89502

ph. 775-829-4411

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Las Vegas Location:

P.O. Box 15912

Las Vegas, NV 89114