Anitra Sapula

Laboratory Manager
M.Sc., Forensic Archaeology, 2010
University of Bradford
Bradford, UK



Geographic Expertise: California, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, Anguilla, and the United Kingdom

Specialties: Lithic analysis, forensic archaeology, prehistory of the Great Basin, and artifact illustration

Anitra Sapula received her B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from The University of Connecticut, and her M.Sc. in Forensic Archaeology from The University of Bradford. Her interest in the field of archaeology prompted her to successfully obtain a four year position with The University of Vermont’s Consulting Archaeology Program, fulfilling duties as a field technician as well as a laboratory technician across Vermont and in Anguilla, BWI. During this time, she completed a short course offered at Mercyhurst College concerning the laboratory identification of human remains, which stimulated her interest in furthering her education within the subfield of Forensic Archaeology. Her graduate thesis work focused on sharp force trauma, and she completed her sample analysis at a research facility in Reno. Work as a Great Basin archaeologist continued for the next five years, where she completed fieldwork, conducted laboratory analysis, artifact curation, and gained familiarity with the archaeology of central and eastern Nevada, eastern California, western Utah, and Colorado. She spent three years as a laboratory manager, overseeing the processing, analysis, and eventual curation of historic and prehistoric artifacts. Since she does still value spending time outdoors, she was trained and completed fieldwork management before starting with KEC. She is also an active participant with the Northern Nevada Disaster Victim Recovery Team (NNDVRT), a volunteer group in Washoe County assembled by the Office of the Medical Examiner with the intent to prepare forensic professionals for large-scale disasters within the region.